Boom Pilates Featured on STL Active Podcast

August 21, 2020

If your queue of take-your-mind-away-from-it-all podcasts is running low (because, you know, 2020), then we’ve got you covered. Boom Pilates founder Danyal Timmermann was a recent featured guest on the popular STL Active podcast hosted by Dr. Greg Judice of Judice Sports & Rehab of St. Louis. 

In the 40-minute convo, Danyal touches on her professional years in the Windy City, her fitness background, and how a 90-day social media challenge introduced her to the world of Pilates—a move that would ultimately alter the trajectory of her career.

“[Upon the conclusion of the 90-day challenge] I said, I have to do something with this. Like, my life has to be giving this back. I don’t care how much of a sacrifice it is. I’ve got to figure this out.”

From there, Danyal dives into her Pilates training and education experience, her years as a guest instructor at several St. Louis-area fitness studios and how the unique experience eventually led to the birth of Boom in her own basement.

If you’ve spent more than 30 seconds with Danyal, you’ll know her fun and energetic personality is unmatched. And in the early days of Boom, it was clear that her teaching style (combined with years of experience and study) was something that people in St. Louis could get behind. And as referrals started growing an already sizable client list, Danyal realized she had more than just a part-time hobby on her hands. Danyal had the blueprints for a successful business model. What she didn’t have? A venue.

“It was not easy. It was not simple,” she says. “Building a lease when you’re a solo female business owner is tricky. There’s a lot that goes into it, you know, and I thought it was gonna happen a lot quicker than it did. And it didn’t.”

Danyal talks about the development of the Boom Pilates brand and how the business has developed since its 2018 inception. She discusses some of the fearful misconceptions about the sport and how she and her team are setting the record straight and getting people on the path to fitness and self improvement.

“We’re selling safe movement that focuses on fun. I mean, my favorite compliment at the end of the class when someone tries Boom is when they look at me or another instructor and they say, ‘Wow, that was really fun.’ That’s what I’m going for every single time.”

And the podcast isn’t all business either. Listeners will get an insight to some of Danyal’s viewpoints and recommendations on books, podcasts, parenting, nutrition and overall wellness. 

You can check out the full podcast here. (SPOILER ALERT: Listen through to the very end for tips on how to score a BOGO class offer from Boom Pilates!) And if you want to learn more about what Boom Pilates Life has to offer, including class schedules or private instruction opportunities, give us a call! Let’s get Booming!

Poster of STL Active Podcast Season 1 Episode 8, featuring Danyal Timmermann

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