Love BOOM Pilates. If you are looking for Pilates reformer classes to try for the first time, don’t hesitate. But a 5 pack of Essential classes. You will love it all the instructor are welcoming and knowledgeable and will help you get started on your Pilates journey. There are also intermediate and advanced classes it’s a very comfortable friendly place where you will feel welcome and cared for. Well worth it.

- Debra, St. Louis, MO

I’ve been doing Pilates for 15 years, I’ve been to a lot of different studios. A lot of them are good and a lot of them are bad. Boom Pilates is not only clean, cute and fun but you get an amazing workout as well. Each instructor has their own way of teaching but all in a excellent way. I’m doing exercises on the reformer that I never did before. I look forward to every class and doing something different. Trust me you will not be disappointed if you’ve never done Pilates or if you been doing Pilates like me for years. I look forward to every class that I take. See you at the reformer!!!

- Susan, St. Louis, MO


I tried my first ever Pilates class at the end of January 2021 at BOOM and I have been hooked ever since. So much so that I have gone to class 11 days in a row and counting. I have taken a class by each instructor and each brings such amazing energy to the class. The studio could not be cuter and the owner is simply the BEST. I only started working out this past year and I feel so comfortable at BOOM. The women are very welcoming, the instructors help with your form and make adjustments when necessary. Each class is different and brings something new to the table. The BOOM atmosphere is like nothing else and I literally look so forward to my Pilates time every single day. You will not regret taking a class at BOOM!

- Kit, St. Louis

Boom Pilates is an incredible, life-changing place. I never knew I needed Pilates until I met Meghan Rak (one of their instructors) and walked through these doors. The classes are top notch with well-trained, welcoming instructors. There is zero intimidation factor as each instructor greats you will a smile and makes sure you feel comfortable at every single class. Each session is different from the last so it’s impossible to get bored during workouts. The music and upbeat instructors keep you moving and motivated the entire time. I’ve felt such a strong sense of community here as everyone cheers each other on to reach their personal goals and do their best. And did I mention it’s the cutest damn place in town? The decor alone will leave you coming back for more.

- Susan, St. Louis

I discovered Boom just a little over 2 months ago. Wow! What an amazing team of instructors. I’ve learned so much about muscles, and how to engage them properly. It’s a great companion to my weekly Bootcamp workouts. The flexibility and strength I’ve gained is truly noticeable. Thank you Boom for all the instruction, patience and making this body move again as it was intended. Kudos!

- Tammy, West County, MO

I have taken many Pilates classes and Danyal’s are set apart from them all for me. Not only is she fun and full of energy but the muscles you work in one of her classes you would never know you have. She is an excellent instructor and challenges you with every exercise that you do. There is never a class I’m not sore after. If you want an amazing work out and want to work on your posture, strength and challenge your mind take her class. You will not regret it

- Kelsey, St. Louis, MO

I found Boom Pilates in March just as everything was shutting down, so once things started to reopen in July, Danyal, the owner contacted me to set up coming in for the first time and all their Covid protocols. Their class schedules didn’t work with my schedule so I started with one private a week. Now I do 2 or 3 privates a week with Danyal and Erin. Both ladies give me a great but different workout and I feel so empowered by both these positive woman. I would highly recommend Boom Pilates, it’s fun and also something new. I can’t believe the strength and flexibility I have achieved so far!!!!

- Courtney, Ladue, MO

If you are looking for the best Pilates Classes in St. Louis… Head to Boom! I have been going to Boom Pilates since it opened and I cannot tell you how much I LOVE it. I am hooked and you will be too! It is in my workout schedule 2 to 3 days a week! You will leave feeling amazing and with a big smile on your face. The atmosphere at this location cannot be beat! They also add a music element to the class which allows you to connect to the movements all while focusing on connecting to your mind and body! Owner Danyal and her team are extremely knowledgeable and have a passion for Pilates that shows in every class and conversation. They truly love what they do! They offer a wide range of classes from Pilates Reformer to Juvo Board! Check out Mind Body and their website for class schedules.

- Maddison, Central West End, STL

I’m a working Mom with 3 kids & a husband so I have a busy life. I’m tired, stressed, sore…I feel so much better after leaving Boom. Every time I walk in I have this amazing feeling. The staff is always full of energy, so even on the days where it is a struggle to bring myself to workout, that energy makes you forget all about those feelings, and I’m ready to go! The time goes so quickly, and once the workout is over, all that daily stress is gone. I’m ready to take on another day! I highly recommend this studio!

- Bridget, Fairview Heights, IL

I had never stepped foot into a Pilates studio before I went to Boom and I can truly say that it changed my life. The atmosphere is like no other, I feel safe, confident, and happy when I am at Boom. The instructors at Boom are so welcoming and want to help you become your best self! I’ll never stop booming!

- Sara, North County, STL

Boom Pilates gave me the confidence to keep exercising into my third trimester! It also positively boosted my self-image attitude as my pregnant bump grew.

- Kayla, Ladue

After a series of surgeries and over a year of physical therapy, I was struggling to return to the activities I used to enjoy without experiencing pain. When my physical therapist told me about Danyal’s teaching method at Boom Pilates, I was skeptical that Pilates could help me rehabilitate from my injuries… I was so wrong! As a medical professional, I have been incredibly impressed by Danyal’s knowledge of anatomy. She tailored every workout to my unique needs and within a few sessions I was regaining strength (and confidence) and now I am finally able to do many activities pain FREE at last!!

- MJ, St. Louis City

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