I was always too intimidated by Pilates classes to try pilates. Boom Pilates is so different and welcoming! Danyal mixes her advanced anatomy knowledge with fun upbeat music to give you a great workout. She gives you the confidence to learn new moves. In private coaching sessions, she modifies every workout to your unique needs! I have even brought several friends who were new to Pilates for duet private sessions, and they loved it just as much as I do! My friends and have so much fun with Danyal every time!

- Mary, St. Louis

Where do I even start? Danyal brings a whole new level to the table. Pilates is her jam and you know it! She is Positive, Energetic, Enthusiastic person and a Wealth of Knowledge when it comes to Health and Fitness! Her classes are for everyone! She is the type of teacher that keeps you coming back for more. Boom Pilates is the best investment I have spent on fitness!

- Maddison, Central West End

Boom Pilates gave me the confidence to keep exercising into my third trimester! It also positively boosted my self-image attitude as my pregnant bump grew.

- Kayla, Ladue

After a series of surgeries and over a year of physical therapy, I was struggling to return to the activities I used to enjoy without experiencing pain. When my physical therapist told me about Danyal’s teaching method at Boom Pilates, I was skeptical that Pilates could help me rehabilitate from my injuries… I was so wrong! As a medical professional, I have been incredibly impressed by Danyal’s knowledge of anatomy. She tailored every workout to my unique needs and within a few sessions I was regaining strength (and confidence) and now I am finally able to do many activities pain FREE at last!!

- MJ, St. Louis City

I would recommend everyone try Boom Pilates. It’s totally changed my relationship with exercise. For me, I’ve never liked exercise: It’s hard, and uncomfortable, and it made me self conscious. Thankfully, Boom is different.

I can’t imagine any situation/condition someone could be in that Danyal couldn’t work with them. I can now say that I have been exercising regularly for over a year, for the first time in my life. I am stronger and have better balance. I feel better, have more energy, and even my posture has improved. While I’m far from where I want to be health-wise, I am so, so much further than where I was when I first tried Pilates with Danyal. I even got my husband to try, and he’s hooked. It’s been a game changer, and I can’t emphasize how much it is worth trying.  

On a side note, because I’m really self-conscious and have never been comfortable exercising, I really liked the 1:1 private training sessions so I could ask a million questions, but eventually, I was confident enough to try a class, so I’m super excited for the studio to open! Also, everyone should give Boom Pilates a few classes. The most impressive parts come over time and sneak up on you. A year later I’m still getting those fun surprises.

- Erin, Dogtown

Boom Pilates is so much fun! This isn’t a typical slow-motion Pilates class. Every session is upbeat and motivating. The music is pumping and the sweat is flowing! Danyal is a great instructor to try Pilates for the first time. She takes things slow when you need to and then pushes you when she sees you have gotten the hang of something. She is great at explaining exactly how to move your body and what steps to take next. Boom Pilates was a great place for me to start my Pilates journey and I love the way I feel when I finish a class!

- Jen, Creve Coeur

I have always wanted to try Pilates but I was scared of the equipment and not knowing how to use it! A friend of mine told me how great Danyal was and that she would help me learn everything I needed to know! I have learned so much about my body and strength with Danyal. Not only have I learned how to practice Pilates effectively, I have learned how to exercise safely and more productively. I have also gained so much self confidence!

- Kayla, Ladue

Get ready for a full body workout. Keep that core tight and build that mouse house!


- Payton, St. Louis

I am confident and comfortable with exercise for the first time in my life. I joke with Danyal that she tricked me into exercising. What actually happened was that Danyal customized the workouts to my (out of shape) condition and worked around my injury in a way that made exercise productive and encouraging. I was able to try everything at my own pace and ask questions, and I was able to give and get feedback on anything and everything. It was a safe space to try a new kind of exercise; she listened and responded accordingly, so the workout was tailored to exactly what worked for me. It seemed accessible, but I was still exercising and pushing past my current ability. Not only was it not intimidating, but it was also enjoyable. It’s so much easier to adopt exercise into your life when it’s achievable and effective.

- Erin, Dogtown

You know that satisfying soreness you get after a good workout? After one workout with Danyal, I could tell the session activated muscles I don’t normally work. I felt the effects of the class every time I laughed for almost a week later! Boom Pilates combines all my favorite parts of exercise: repetition, core work, stretching, and even some cardio—all to some solid beats! In just one session, Danyal worked my endurance, muscle tone and flexibility.

- Amanda, St. Louis

I can’t recommend Boom Pilates enough for any woman’s pregnancy journey! From building strong core and pelvic floor muscles to helping with the endurance needed to carry a child and decreasing those pregnancy aches and pains, Boom Pilates helped me every step of the way.  Danyal modifies each workout based on what week of your pregnancy you are in to ensure all exercises are safe for you and baby. My OBGyn was always complimenting me on my increasing core strength throughout my pregnancy! I ended up undergoing a C-section and my recovery was a breeze thanks to my strong core muscles. As an added bonus, I was able to wear my pre-pregnancy yoga pants up to month 9 of pregnancy and was back into all of my pre-pregnancy clothes by 4 weeks postpartum! If you want to safely avoid the dreaded pregnancy weight gain while feeling great, you have come to the right place!

- MJ, St. Louis City

Danyal has made me feel fit, happy and healthy! Danyal’s classes create an atmosphere of positivity and confidence. My goal when starting Pilates classes was to increase my strength. Since starting, not only have I improved my strength, I have improved my diet and discipline. I have also changed the way I approach diets, food and exercise.

- Maddison, Central West End

My physical therapist recommended me to Danyal. I have had multiple breaks and sprains on both my ankles. During my PT for a really bad sprain and a broken toe, they had me use a reformer in some of my PT sessions and it blew my mind. I felt muscles I didn’t know existed, all while I was lying down. I was both comfortable and working muscles, so I had to learn more. My physical therapist suggested I try working with Danyal to continue strengthening my ankles in a slow, safe way. We also worked out the rest of my body, and I fell in love with the way I was comfortably able to exercise.

- Erin, St. Louis

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