What puts the “Boom” in Boom Pilates Life?

Pilates can often be considered intimidating, and a lot of Pilates studios aren’t interested in shaking off that vibe. But with the right instructor, BPL can cater to any level of fitness, from beginner to seasoned athlete, and it can be stimulating and exciting at the same time. What is BPL? Boom Pilates Life is about creating a unique fitness experience in each and every session—and adding fun, form and energy in the mix.

The Boom Pilates Life is more than just Pilates. Your fitness goals should complement your health goals and your life goals. Furthermore, your goals should always motivate, scare, and excite you at the same time. BPL will help you discover and achieve those goals, all set to a fab soundtrack. This is truly a modern Pilates experience. We mix good beats with GREAT Pilates.

Meet Danyal

Danyal Timmermann is the founder of Boom Pilates Life. As a competitive childhood dancer and avid runner, movement has always been a key part of Danyal’s balance and well-being. She found the energizing world of Pilates following her son’s cesarean delivery in 2013. The complicated procedure left Danyal with little to no core strength, but her dedicated commitment to the art of Pilates steadily earned back a new kind of core stability that no other fitness element could achieve. Danyal embarked on her teaching journey in 2015 with the highly respected STOTT Pilates method, and was fully certified in each level (essential/intermediate/advanced) on all 7 equipment modalities in 2016. Her additional coaching certifications include; Core Barre, Juvo Board, e-Cornell Plant-Based Nutrition, and she is also a licensed Gallup Strengths-Based Coach. Danyal hadn’t thought it was possible to reinvent herself in her late thirties, that is until Pilates BOOMed in to her life and changed every aspect for the better. Growing up classically trained in dance and purely obsessed with dance music, she has clearly influenced the BPL vibe. Danyal believes in the power of sound as a therapeutic internal development tool, which is why every BPL class is set to an 8-count beat that keeps you moving and grooving—even when you feel like the reps are burning! Her mission is to bring the most energizing, fun, results-driven, and safe Pilates practice to her clients in each and every session.

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2 Day Core Reform Workshop
May 1st - 3rd, 2020

Friday 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Saturday 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Sunday 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

CORE REFORM is the modern adaptation of traditional Reformer Pilates, with unique choreography that is specifically designed for teaching large group classes. This program focuses on functionality, strengthening, lengthening and toning the body, while also adding the Smart Movement concepts of stabilization.

The routines are energetic, motivating, safe and they all can be combined to music for a more dance-like studio experience.

Come learn to teach a fun, flowing workout where the clients develop muscle and motor-control with pre-programmed exercises that challenge the body in multiplane movements and ranges.

This workshop is ideal for any fitness professional, aspiring instructor or certified Pilates Instructor looking to add more Reformer education in to their current teaching repertoire. Check out the Core Reform Method in action.

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