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If you are on the hunt for the top St. Louis Pilates Studio you have come to the right place. Boom Pilates delivers a contemporary approach to the often classical sport of Pilates. We simply mix good beats with great Pilates, and we are honored to support our clients across the greater St. Louis Metro region. Come experience a modern twist on traditional equipment Pilates in a dance-studio setting.

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St. Louis Reformer Pilates

We know you have many options for St. Louis Pilates Reformer Studios in our growing fitness community, so Boom has committed to delivering you a unique studio vibe and consistent mission. Our goal is to deliver energy, charisma, fun and technique-training to each of our clients in every session. Unlike other St. Louis Pilates Reformer Studios, Boom Pilates instructors lead each reformer group session to pre-programmed dance music, adding 8-count choreography training, and offering multiple class repertoires for every level of fitness.

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