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Regardless of fitness level or familiarity with the Pilates lifestyle, we’ve got a reformer with your name on it at our Boom Pilates studio. Whether you’re looking for choreographed group sessions or more personalized solo instruction, our modern take on classic Pilates will get you up and moving with bumpin’ beats and an energized atmosphere. For Missouri residents looking for Chesterfield Pilates, come visit us at our studio today to see how we’ve blended high-intensity Pilates reps with the perfect dance-studio playlists.

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Chesterfield Reformer Pilates

We get it–there are so many options for reformer Pilates in Chesterfield, MO. That is why we’re excited to offer you a unique Pilates experience that fosters healing and mindful movements. By combining the intensity of the classic approach with a new-age mindset, our Boom Pilates studio guarantees high-energy, adaptable sessions led by certified Pilates instructors trained to customize every move to your unique needs and fitness goals. Our sessions combine equipment such as the reformer, Juvo Board and Pilates mat with uplifting dance music to aid in synchronized choreography for every repertoire. For Chesterfield Pilates that will leave you energized and ready to take on the world, look no further than Boom Pilates.

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