This short Essential class is a foundation-level course that covers many of the basic Pilates principles. This routine has a slower pace, adds a great component of stretching in the mix, and is great for prenatal or postnatal students.

This 12-minute Intermediate class is a full-body workout that will ensure you break a sweat and get your heart rate up. Practice a mix of contemporary and classical moves and have some fun while learning a little more about Mat Pilates.

No equipment? No problem! This longer Intermediate class will take you through a full mat experience using some easy to find at-home props. You’ll need a small pillow, a towel or mat, a belt for stretching and some hand weights, like two water bottles, soup cans, or even bottles of vino—whatever you’ve got. Let’s get Booming!

This 10-minute Advanced class is going to Boom every muscle in your bod! Fast-paced and core-focused, this workout will challenge your strength and give you some creative choreography to add to your personal Pilates practice. Get ready to have some fun, but be sure to have a water bottle nearby!

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