The Juvo Board is Boomin’!

May 1, 2019

Many of you who have visited the studio have asked about our Juvo Boards—those interesting wooden boards that are stacked next to the reformers in the studio. Well, the time is here to launch a new class offering using these cool boards, and that’s not all. Juvo Board classes AND certification are officially coming to Boom Pilates this summer!

What is the Juvo Board?

This amazing fitness tool is a revolutionary piece of equipment that is ideal for a fusion of fitness methods, such as yoga, barre, SUP fitness training, and mat Pilates techniques. The Juvo Boards’s Balance and Elevate position offerings let your body choose a level of difficulty that is ideal for your strength level and ability. The name “Juvo” is Latin for “to attain and assist.” This basically means that the board is dynamically designed to help you attain moves (using the multiple position levels) that may have been challenging for you without a little assistance. The name also means that this unique tool can truly challenge you to achieve new levels of strength and new muscular tone that may have been unattainable for you while working in a basic mat or floor level.

Certification Opportunities in St. Louis

More exciting news! The Juvo Board Instructor Certification and training workshop is coming to St. Louis on June 1st and 2nd, 2019. This 2-day workshop will be held at Boom Pilates, 12330 Olive Blvd. This summer training course will be limited to 7 individuals and will include a full spectrum of all Juvo Board modalities, board levels and moves, as well as a training manual and certification opportunity. The course will welcome seasoned fitness instructors, future instructors, and fitness enthusiasts that are seeking to learn more about the Juvo Board and its multiple fitness facets.

As one of the first 250 Certified Juvo Board Instructors, our founder Danyal is a true fan and ambassador for this amazing piece of equipment. There are three main reasons Danyal wanted to add this piece of equipment in to the Boom Pilates studio in lieu of a more traditional equipment modality from the classical Joe Pilates method.

  1. Juvo Board classes are ideal for a 45-minute power class. This is great news for clients and instructors alike. You can be in and out of the studio in less than an hour, with a killer workout for the day. This power board is designed to get the heart rate up fast, break a great sweat, allow for amazing inclines to assist within the active stretching component, and give everyone a great HIIT style workout.
  2. The classes are small and intimate. The size of an ideal Juvo Board class is around 6 individuals. This means that the safety component and the personal training emphasis are really controlled in a studio setting. The board is also really stylish and modern, and anyone who knows Danyal well knows she’s a sucker for a cool fitness vibe.
  3. The certification includes a LOT of yoga, surf training and balance, barre moves, and mat Pilates. Danyal loves the specific Pilates component in the training (not a huge surprise, huh?). As a certified advanced (STOTT) mat Pilates Instructor, she was really pleased with how amazing the training manual, techniques, moves and form were taught within the workshop. The training is top-notch, and in two short days, this Juvo program gives any new or aspiring Pilates instructor a TON of options to begin their exciting teaching journey. Fun Fact: Boom Pilates is looking to add new instructors, and this course will be a great way to build your candidacy in the studio.

If you are looking to learn more about movement, want to elevate your current instructor portfolio, or aspiring to get your foot in the door of Pilates instruction, this course is for you!

Spots are limited, so sign up today! See ya in the Boom Room!


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