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April 24, 2020

The Boom Pilates life is about more than just Pilates. It’s a lifestyle; a way of thinking and seeing the world through a lens of determination. Boom Pilates is about leading every day with purposeful intent. This purpose keeps us focused, healthy and active.

The world has changed dramatically. A global pandemic and ensuing stay-at-home orders have flipped many of our lives upside down. We’re staying inside and social distancing from our loved ones, something that can be out of character for many of us. You may have found yourself slowly losing the meaningful intent that Boom Pilates strives for. So, how can we use Pilates to do something purposeful, make the best of our time and come out of this stronger than ever? While the Boom studio may be closed during quarantine, Boom is determined to provide mindful, nutritional and Pilates coaching to keep the Boom in your life.

Mindfulness Coaching

Give yourself some extra love.

Boom Pilates Mental Health Coaching emphasizes the importance of stress management and a healthy outlook on life. As we practice social distancing, staying away from friends and family, it’s easy to get lost in endless newsfeeds of statistics and press conferences. If you’re working from home, regardless of how comfortable the concept may be to you, all of us have to acknowledge that it alters the way you dedicate your time. You may find yourself sinking into a state of worry and falling out of your regular routines. One of the best ways to combat this is to reduce scrolling time and give your mental health some extra love. Establishing a consistent routine (especially to the rhythm of some great tunes) is a key part of life with Boom Pilates, and it can help you start every day with a BOOMING purpose. Boom Pilates Mental Health Coaching will help keep your mind centered and focused despite the rapid change in routine.

Nutritional Coaching

Keep-up with proper nutrition.

Keeping tabs on your nutrition is super important to staying healthy and to keeping that spring in your step. Boom Pilates Nutritional Coaching shines a light on various methods of getting proper nutrition while in quarantine. As people stock their pantries, it can be hard to find the basics and stick to your normal diet. We may be tempted to grab the most convenient thing on the shelves, but these items are often high in sodium, fat and sugar. Instead of resorting to pre-made dinners or frozen pizza (as much as we love pizza), try to prioritize home cooking and fresh products. Leafy greens, citrus fruits and whole grains are all packed with nutrition. Taking supplements such as vitamins C and D can also give an added boost. Boom Pilates Nutritional Coaching touches on all of the ways to stay physically healthy both during and after quarantine.

Pilates Coaching

Stay active and purposeful.

Even though our studio may be closed during quarantine, Boom Pilates is dedicated to keeping your fitness goals on track. During quarantine, we recommend staying active and true to your personal fitness regimen. Staying curled up on the couch watching Netflix may seem great, but staying active and purposeful with your time will better prepare you for re-entering the post-quarantine world. In the spirit of social distancing, Boom Pilates is dedicated to staying active with you by offering virtual Pilates sessions through Zoom. And once the studio re-opens, we’ll be here to help ease you back into the norm. Our Pilates group sessions offer a way to stay active and connect with others, while our Pilates private sessions provide personalized Pilates training from one of our certified instructors. Pilates is not just about physical strength, but also developing your inner strength and resilience. Prizing this inner strength and purposefulness and then applying it to our everyday lives can help us overcome these difficult times.


Ultimately, this quarantine may last longer than we’d like, and that makes the way we spend this time even more important. How we value and utilize our time will help determine the way we eventually re-enter the workplace and our social lives. The Boom Pilates life is all about remaining thoughtful about the time we spend, collaborating with others and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. To further these values, we’re offering a special Zoom deal. Until the studio re-opens, we will be offering two one-hour Zoom sessions with one of our certified Pilates instructors for $70. These one-hour sessions can be focused on mindful, nutritional, or Pilates coaching.

By using this extra time to develop ourselves and stay on track, we will come out of this epidemic stronger than ever before, and we’ll come back with a BOOM.

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